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75, 80 And 90 Ball Bingo

Bingo used to have two varieties: the traditional British ninety ball bingo, and seventy five ball bingo, favored by US citizens. 80 ball bingo is now the new kid on the block but is gaining ground in terms of popularity.

75-Ball Bingo
The North American version of 75-ball bingo is played on a 5x5 card with free space. The aim of this variety is to mark off all the numbers, regardless of what pattern you have to get in order to get BINGO. Most conventional 75-ball bingo games are played with a five-in-a-row pattern, but this bingo variety also has some fun patterns including blackout and coverall. These funky patterns have added to the popularity of 75 ball bingo.

80-Ball Bingo
80 ball bingo is new, and falls somewhere between 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. If you have not yet tried this exciting variety, you should give it a whirl. 80 ball Bingo a fast or speed bingo game. The bingo board has of 16 squares, which are positioned four across and four down. 80 ball bingo also has some unique playing cards. 80 ball bingo is a bit different from 75 ball bingo and has 5 more numbers added to the bingo board. You will mostly find 80 ball bingo on United Kingdom websites.

The 80 ball bingo board looks quite similar to that of 75 ball bingo, but it features a few changes! The 80 ball bingo board has five rows of sixteen numbers, with a total of eighty possible numbers. These numbers are split into 4 sections with various, at twenty number intervals (for example, numbers one to twenty are yellow, numbers twenty one to forty silver, numbers forty one to fifty nine silver, and sixty to eighty blue). They say that if seventy five balls arenít quite enough and you donít have time for ninety bingo balls, why not give eighty ball bingo a whirl?

The Difference between 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball bingo 90-Ball Games
Ninety ball bingo is the conventional UK game, and the game favored in most countries, except for the United States. 90-ball bingo cards are 3x9, which means that it has three horizontal lines and 9 vertical lines. Each bingo line has five numbers, which means every card has 15. The bingo boardís first column is marked from one to ten, the second column from eleven to twenty, the third from twenty one to thirty, etc., up to ninety in the ninth column.

90-ball bingo is usually played in three separate stages: one and two lines, and Full House (BINGO). You need to be the first person to get one full line, and then two full lines to win one of the first two prizes. The first person who gets full house is the bingo winner.
The best way to pick your own favorite bingo variety is to try all three, and to then make up your mind.

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