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Tips For Online Bingo

Hardly anyone would have been able to predict twenty years ago that bingo would turn out to be the phenomenon that it is today. That what used to be good old 90 ball bingo, would turn out to have three ball varieties, and be available at most town halls, as well as online.

General Bingo Tips
Bingo is a very popular game of chance, and you do not need any special skill or strategy to take part in it. Players of all ages and nationalities play bingo, and it is often used to raise funds for charities. Online, you can play bingo for fun or for money, whatever you prefer. Playing for fun can help you get to grips with the game, before you make a deposit.

Tips for Online Bingo: The Dos!

Do look out for bonus balls, which are on offer at some online bingo halls. The bonus balls equal bonus points, if you should have the matching number on your bingo card. Do look out for online bingo sites that offer great no deposit and deposit bonuses, as this will help you expand your bank roll. Furthermore, bingo site chat specials will help you win many extra bonuses.

If your online bingo hall does not have an auto daub feature, do check the called numbers off your bingo card. Usually, the last three called numbers will appear on screen. Do play the more expensive online games. Bingo games with cards of twenty five cents and higher will offer bigger prizes and higher winnings.

Do interact with the other bingo players. You can join chat rooms, bingo clubs, or newsgroups to get tips and advice from a host of other bingo players. Chatting with other bingo players will help lead you to all the biggest and best bingo prizes.

Do play bingo with as many cards as you can manage at any one time. Auto daub features are helpful as this allows you to play up to twenty four (or sometimes more) cards at any given time. When you have to daub your own card, try not to play with more than six cards. It is very embarrassing when one calls bingo!, only to realize you made a mistake with one of the numbers.
Do play online bingo games on Friday and Saturday nights, as the sites offer the biggest jackpots during this time. Prime bingo time is usually between seven and eleven pm.

Tips for Online Bingo: The Doníts!

Do not continue playing when you hit a losing streak (and a bad mood.) Take some time off, or if you have already bought more tickets, choose the auto-daub feature and go for a walk.

Do not believe that superstition will help you win at bingo, i.e. you have to play at a certain time, wearing your lucky underwear, and have cards with specific numbers. Bingo is a game of chance, and no one is able to predict the outcome.

Do not play in overcrowded games, as you will have less of a chance at winning.

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