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Online And Offline (Land) Bingo

At the risk of stating the obvious, bingo is a game of chance. In bingo, players have 5x5 matrices bingo cards that contains a unique collection of numbers. Numbers are drawn in a random fashion and then called out. The players then match the called out number to the number that they have on their cards. The first bingo player, who is able to match all the numbers on one of their cards, shouts out "BINGO!" and wins the game.

Online and land bingo varieties are social games, and people usually take part with friends. They might either take a group of friends to play bingo at their local bingo hall, or they make friends via the chat room at their favorite online bingo hall.

Online and Land Bingo: What is the Same?

Online Bingo is much like its land counterpart, although it does offer some advantages. The standard rules and principles will, however, remain the same. Bingo is an easy game to play, and if you have mastered online or land bingo, it is very likely that you will quickly get the jest of the other variety. Both varieties offer bingo balls, cards, and a sociable atmosphere. Both online and land bingo offer great prizes and it would be difficult to say which one is more lucrative.

Online and Land Bingo: What is the Difference?

Letís look at the differences between the two varieties. Right off the bat, you can imagine that people who prefer to bank in person and meet people face-to-face will prefer the land bingo variety. There are, however, quite a few differences that make online bingo more appealing. Online bingo halls use random number generators, which are a bit more modern than your local bingo hallís number calling Ďcontraption.í Random number generators ensure that the results are random, and are also used in other online casino games like poker. Not all random number generators are equally random, and it is a good idea to play with an online bingo hall which is regularly audited.

Online bingo offers you an 'auto-daub' feature, which is just not possible at land based bingo games. So, while land bingo players must concentrate and mark down each and every number, online bingo players can happily chat away, while trusting the auto daub feature to inform them should they hit a bingo pattern. This means faster games, and that you wonít miss out when you absolutely have to visit the little girlís room.

Most online bingo halls will also offer features like "Best Card Highlighting" and "Best Card Sorting," highlight and arrange your cards to show you the most promising ones at the top of the screen. This means that online bingo players have more time than their land bingo counterparts, and hey usually spend that time in the online bingo chat room.

The differences between online and land bingo is quite minor, and itís up to you to choose one that you prefer. Or, if that seems impossible, you can always dabble in both!

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